True South

Illustrated Dogs Jigsaw Puzzle

Dozens of dogs are yours to enjoy in this jug saw jewel from artist Lili Chin. They're among the 202 distinct breeds of Canis familiaris recognized by the American Kennel Club and range from the so-small Chihuahua (as tiny as 3.8 inches) to the massive Mastiff (one weighed in at 343 pounds). Scientists disagree on how long the dog has been domesticated. With some saying around 10,000 years and others claiming closer to 30,000. They're also at odds on the process, with one canine camp believing early human hunter-gatherers tamed them and opponents saying wolves domesticated themselves. What all can agree on is that these "best friends" bring great joy to their human counterparts. Happy puzzling!
  • True South puzzles are made with 80-point blue board, which creates a thicker puzzle piece with a more solid "hand."
  • All of our puzzles are stamped with metal dies made by one of the few artists in the world who creates jigsaw puzzle die masters by hand.
  • Puzzle images are created in a collaborative effort between artists and True South to highlight unique facts carefully researched about each location. Fun facts are listed on the back and inner sides of boxes.
  • Size 18x24
  • 500 Pieces

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