Bangle & Babe

Bubble Bangle Bracelet Key Ring


Look what just popped up! The Bubble Inspired Bangle & Babe Bracelet Key Ring is our newest, exclusive design featuring all the things you love about a Bangle & Babe Bracelet Key Ring in a curvaceous new look! We hate to burst your bubble, but this new addition to the Bangle & Babe family might just be our favorite. It’s on-trend and fun, and available in a range of our signature colors!

We’re all busy these days. With the Bubble Bracelet, let us help you keep one less thing out of your hands. Made from flexible, non-porous silicone, this bracelet keyring can fit around your wrist, in your pocket, or in your handbag, keeping your hands free when you need them most.

The Bangle & Babe Bubble Bracelet can be easily sanitized, providing you with peace of mind in an uncertain world.

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