Gold Vermeil Birthstone Mineral Necklace


This item is the ultimate gift! A natural cut gemstone hangs from a 16"-18" adjustable length chain and is mounted on seeded paper. It's the gist that grows! All artwork was hand drawn by one of our jewelers, Suzi Fitz.

  • 3/8" Rough cut gemstone pendant
  • 16"-18" Adjustable chain
  • 3" by 3" Seeded card
  • Gold Vermeil

This piece was designed by Courtney Legenhausen

Healing Stone qualities:

  • Amethyst- Protection, Mental Balance, Calming
  • Aquamarine- Courage, Truth, Centering
  • Citrine - Promotes motivation, creativity and encourages self-expression
  • Clear Quartz- Focus, Meditative, Healing
  • Emerald- enhances unconditional love, unity and friendship
  • Garnet- Emotional Balance, Enlightenment, Heart Health
  • Moonstone- Protection, Creativity, Release
  • Pearl- Promotes purity, truth & loyalty
  • Peridot- Reduces stress, anger & guilt
  • Ruby- Encourages passion, motivation & confidence
  • Sapphire- Restores balance & promotes peace of mind
  • Turquoise- Protection, Courage, Peace of Mind

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